Schermata 06-2457196 alle 14.22.23


2011, performance and video-installation
Video documentation: 7’33”
Festival MiTiCi “Milano Talenti Creativi” by Fondazione Milano and Scuola Civica di Teatro Paolo Grassi,
Milano, Italy

Pins is a collective action to recompose ourselves, agreeing to our life pins be without anger and despair.
The project is divided into two phases: a performance in which men and women, having answered to an open call, undergo
a cast of body parts, accompanied by the insertion of pins in plaster, and a subsequent installation of all the “sculptures”
made in conjunction with a video-evocative performance. The idea was born from my need to process the pain of my
personal experience. The first choice was to externalize the pain, as a step to understand and freeing it via a physical
and symbolic act. Picking up the pieces in an installation of plaster and pins, means for me to receive and return the
fragments, to recreate a new identity in a position to accept pain as part of ourselves, no longer seen as something
aberrant, by denying, but as something intelligible and understandable. The choice of a public performance and installation
moves inevitably from the subjective need at the beginning towards a plan of universal breath.


SPILLI INGESSATURE COLLETTIVE from valeria codara on Vimeo.


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