GNAP – Global nomadic art project

Global Nomadic Art Project (GNAP) started as an idea by the YATOO Nature Art Association from South Korea which has turned into a movement, travelling globally across continents to re-instigate man’s awareness, concern, learning, and responsibility towards our environment. The aim is to collect creative ideas, inspirited from the different types of natural environments around the world.

The participating artists would like to leave traces of dialogue with Nature around the world through the creation of small, ephemeral artworks. The artists will listen and communicate with Nature through their work.

I was in GNAP Eastern Europe 2017 from 1st to 31st July 2017 above these countries: Gabrovtsi – Bulgaria, Lazarea – Romania, Noszvaj- Hungary.

The final exhibition of GNAP Eastern Europe 2017 will be held at the Korean Culture Center in Budapest, where selected photographs and videos will be displayed about the works created during the 30-day-long journey in the above-mentioned countries.

I was in Gnap France too, the group was made up of 15 international artists (10 nationalities) and seven from French artists, all recognized in the field of land art or “Art Nature”. The general theme addresses the relationship of art to the underground spaces of the Saumurois, as well as their environment (hillsides, banks of the Loire …). The artists carry out ephemeral works in different places of Doué and surroundings, and keep a photographic or filmed trace of them.






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