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2015, installation site specific
400 yellow bags for protecting fruits
YATOO International Residence Program – Korea, Wooseongmyeon, Gongju, Chungnam, South Korea

valeria codara yellow bag for care of

In Korea I saw people covering fruits by little “yellow bags” to protect them from the birds.
This habit is a tiny gestures of attention and care repeated for each fruits.
the work “care of” would be an encouragement to do small actions dedicated to everything is around us.
Single actions could produce big changes or at least could transform the small piece of land and sky that we live.
In the beginning I putted them on a tree in the garden of Yatoo Residence to extent these practice to everything is
around us. Then I putted them in another space of the town: an abandoned greenhouse. I chose a context which in my opinion
showed the need “for a certain amount” of attention and care.
I used more then 400 little yellow bags. On each side, each bag has a red line like a point of the seam.
Small bags – order in line seem united by a red thread, by the same intentin. They are in some way connected and in connection.

People can take these bags and “start to drop of yellow” their existences and start to weave little changing and maybe even a bigger revolution.
So take one and go!





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